Debbie Corbin

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About Debbie

Debbie is the amateur web developer who created this site so that you, her potential future colleague, could learn more about her!

Debbie loves animals. She's had several pet rodents, and once saved a baby squirrel from certain death. Since getting a rescue cat (who despite being female is called Isaiah Thomas, after Debbie's favourite basketball player), Debbie has become a bona fide crazy cat lady, and loves nothing more than to spend an evening at home, snuggled up on the sofa with her slanket and her kitty.

Don't worry though, this doesn't mean she's a boring colleague. It just means that she saves up more energy to be super hilarious and productive at work!

Sadly, one cannot spend every day lounging on the sofa, so Debbie has been forced to find some additional interests with which to fill her time.

Some of these interests include baking, cake decorating and photography, which you can see more of below. Those people fortunate enough to have worked with Debbie in the past, still tell tales of the incredible cakes that she baked for their birthdays! Sadly, her photography skills have not had quite so large an impact. Debbie enjoys travelling when her funds permit it. She's been fortunate enough to visit lots of beautiful places within the UK and Europe, and spent two years living in Canada.

Last but not least, Debbie has an interest in web development and design, and has dabbled with creating web pages for herself (such as this one). Her first client, who also happens to be her husband, is a genius mathematician and comissioned Debbie to create his professional academic site. Feel free to take look!

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Pretty Pictures

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Cake Decorating

A selection of Debbie's cakey creations.

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